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Kiltech is Central Plant Optimization

  • Kiltech Innovation

    Kiltech has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of tomorrow's chiller plant solutions for today. [read more]
  • Empowering Dynamic Decision Making

    Achieving optimal chiller plant energy performance (kW/ton) while maintaining cooling needs and respecting equipment limitations. [read more]
  • Sustaining Optimized Performance

    A performance guaranteed project at an annual average operating efficiency of 0.516 kW/ton for the entire 1,650 ton chiller plant (chillers, condenser water pumps, cooling towers and chilled water pumps). [read more]

Kiltech provides self-learning and calibrating, real time, automated central plant optimization called CPECS (Central Plant Energy Control System). CPECS utilizes continual data feedback loops and advanced control algorithms to process chiller plant data in real time to analyze the load profiles of the building, climate data and equipment performance models to implement a precise load based matching approach that provides the maximum level of system performance while respecting chiller, tower and building flow and temperature limits.

When CPECS is deployed (either in new construction or retrofit) it routinely achieves annual averages of 0.50 kW/ton and lower for the entire chiller plant, thus translating to significant annual energy and cost savings. 


Kiltech News

Kiltech project awarded the International District Energy Associationís (IDEA) 2014 Annual Innovation Award.
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Kiltech Project awarded the Danfoss 2012 EnVisioneer of Year Award
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