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No Additional or Annual Cost


Kiltech provides the self-calibrating, and adaptive optimization, system data logging, predictive load modeling, real time measurement, reporting, validation and automated monitoring and error detection of the plant performance and its chiller equipment conditions at NO additional or annual cost.  Simply, you own all your data.


Storage of ALL Data and Logic on Your Project Site  (NOT a Cloud Based Solution)


All CPECS logic is stored on your project site and the historical data used for M&V, reporting and predictive load modeling is also stored on your project site via a secure SQL Database. CPECS is not a cloud based solution and ensures that an internet connection will not hinder performance or access to your data.



CPECS Offers System Architecture Flexibility


The CPECS is delivered as a complete controls package with all logic, system graphics, reporting, M&V, alarms and databases fully loaded onto our OEM Soft-Jace, control cabinet, touch panel, I/O hardware (Complete Automation Panel) or as a networked smart box deployed on the BAS backbone (BacNet, Lon, Modbus & N2 capable) (Controls Overlay Panel). This assures CPECS can be deployed in a manner that best fits your operational and design needs.

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