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Proposal Development – 8,760 Energy Bin Analysis

As part of every proposal, Kiltech utilizes an 8,760 bin analysis that analyzes the installed load at 2% intervals to develop the baseline and the post-CPECS deployment levels to generate the cost-value proposition .


The analysis  takes into account the:


  • Installed Equipment
  • Building’s load profile
  • DOE TMY3 Weather Data
    (or actual weather data or closest available to the project site)
  • Building occupancy schedules
  • Plant operational data
  • Plant operational hours
  • Energy costs
  • Building use.


Engineering Consultation

Kiltech will provide design, energy, chiller VFD retrofit and controls consolation as required for projects.


Financial Rebate Facilitation

As part of every project (where applicable) Kiltech will facilitate federal, state and/or LSE incentives and generate the technical information required for project review.


System Start-Up and Commissioning / CPECS Operational Training for all Necessary Personnel / CPECS Report Generation Data Access and M&V training

Kiltech will provide the above as part of every project.


Continual Support and Troubleshooting

As part of every project, Kiltech will provide ongoing technical support, troubleshooting and updates.

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