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Kiltech Solutions: Central Plant Energy Control System (CPECS)




The Central Plant Energy Control System (CPECS) provides revolutionary cost savings, improved chiller plant performance levels and enhanced visibility into all central plant operations.

CPECS Achieves Optimal and Predictive Central Plant Energy Performance (kW/ton) While Maintaining Cooling Needs and Respecting Equipment Limitations

CPECS utilizes Continual Feedback Loops and Advanced control algorithms to provide real time and predictive data processing that analyzes the historical data, load profiles of the building, climate data and the manufacture's equipment performance models to provide automatic modulation of control levels to all VFD's. CPECS logic provides the maximum level of system performance while respecting chiller, tower, building flow and temperature limits.

CPECS Understands How Individual Equipment Performance Targets and Variables Impacts Overall Chiller Plant Performance

CPECS constantly correlates historical, real time and predictive ‘high level’ plant operational data to individual equipment operational data. This guarantees that all equipment will continually be operating at points that result in the lowest possible kW/ton for the entire chiller plant.

CPECS Utilizes Active Self-Calibration of Performance Variables

CPECS continually recalibrates the manufacture's equipment performance models to reflect actual operating conditions (i.e. accounts for equipment performance degradation over time). This assures that the data and variables used within all CPECS logic will always reflect the real time conditions and thus enable your plant to continually operate at optimal conditions to sustain the long-term desired outcomes.

CPECS Provides Real Time M&V, Reporting, 24/7 Condition Monitoring and Real Time Ticker of kWh’s Saved Over Baseline

Each CPECS system comes with N.I.S.T. certified BTU (kW cooling) and temperature metering equipment that can be viewed via the BAS interface and/or from the CPECS web interface to control and validate actual plant performance in real time. CPECS allows for customizable reports to be generated that summarizes your performance and savings using trend charts and summary data. Customizable reports enable you to generate reports that are meaningful to your needs and specific goals and thus provide greater visibility into plant operations. All CPECS control systems have the ability to remotely warn of equipment failure, poor efficiency or when performance exceeds and/or drops below pre-established parameters via an email, SMS or BAS alarm.

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